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Mea is grounded in both her personal and professional life.  Married to Paul Danigelis for 28 years, Mea and Paul share two wonderful kids - Anna, 26, of Nashville, TN and Connor who is 23 and lives in downtown Chicago.  Mea accredits her success and commitment to her clients to the unconditional support she receives from Paul and her family who she considers her rock.

Mea was born and riased in Grand Rapids, Michigan and made Michigan her home for 46 years.  She is proud of her diversity which us a unique blend of both the Dutch and Greek cultures, although she grew up with a concentrated focus in the Greek Community.  

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With that strong tie to her roots, Mea loves Greek food and finds relaxation in making many traditional dishes for friends and family while entertaining for gatherings like watching College Football and Basketball games.

While she is loyal to her Michigan State University roots, she is also a sports fan who supports the Big 10.

As a proud member of her community, Mea serves on the Homeowners Association Board for her neighborhood.  She deeply values the pride that comes with becoming a homeowner.  She not only wants to support her clients with their personal efforts, but also strives to support her neighbors in preserving their neighborhood and investment.

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In her free time, Mea enjoys various activities with her family and friends including travel, beach vacations, gardening (if the dirt wasn’t so hard), and cooking.  She is an avid skier and would like to learn to play golf or tennis (so she is happy to trade fabulous Greek dishes for some Golf lessons).

Mea lives by one mantra - With hard work and dedication you can achieve anything.  This mindset allows her to strike an ideal balance between her commitment to her family and clients.